The inspiration for this episode came when I was speaking with a couple of friends about the news and how I can’t handle watching the news, because it makes me so anxious and sad.  I said something to the effect of sitting in Fear Soup, because literally my brain (and yours!) emits a host of chemicals that signal fear.  And as we continue to think the fear thoughts, the brain sends out more fear chemicals.  Voila!  Fear Soup.  

So, today I am going to be talking about how to handle the anxiety part of Fear Soup (the other part is depression).  I talk about several tips on handling both acute and chronic anxiety.

Here is what is covered:

  • What is Fear Soup?
  • How do I create Fear Soup?
  • How do I deal with Fear Soup (aka anxiety)?
  • 7 tips on dealing with acute and chronic anxiety.

Resources in this episode:


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