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Hey!  I’m Dr. Maria, and I am way happy you’re here.

I’m 100% with you: There are no words to capture the craziness of infertility.  Basically, your entire world feels out of control.

At Miracles Happen, we help you gain sanity again through targeting the health of your mind, body, and spirit.


Everything offered here lends itself to improving your fertility (ask for some science to back it up). 

Got questions?  Drop me a line anytime.  I’m here!

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So What Does the Fertility Center Offer?


Fertility Coaching

Online coaching from the comfort of home sweet home. Who knew you could set some serious goals while sitting on the couch in those jammie pants?



Take a self-paced course or join others on the same path in a fantastic and supportive learning environment. (COMING SOON!)

Fertility Shop

Check out lots of downloadable and physical products including meditations, hypnofertility sessions, books, and more.

Infertility Counseling

Psychological assessments required for various treatments including IVF, donor cycles, etc.  (available in NJ, OR, and WA)

Pssst!  Don’t forget to pick up your FREE Fertility Meditation Kit with everything here included!


I just found out on Friday that the IVF worked! I can’t believe it and I’m still in shock. I want to thank you for being a tremendous support over the past several months. A lot of your suggestions were very helpful and I was able to stay as neutral as possible during this last round of treatment

a former client

I belong to a support group on FB and you are getting some major shout outs and love from your patients!


Tri-State Walk of Hope Chair 2015, Resolve

I’m writing to you because it was through our work together that I truly began to love myself and be compassionate towards myself and mistakes. As such, I’ve decided to share my passion and knowledge about self-love to others and created a website all around that. Thanks for your time! I’ll always recommend you.

a former client

I just have to say thank you for being so fabulous at your job and really listening to me 💗 I really appreciate you!

a former client

Heartbeat was 120 today. 🙂 Six weeks!!! I’ve been using all the skills you taught me (I meditate daily, long relaxing walks, pray, talk to “MJ”…everything!!!)…I love you so much and so appreciate everything you have done for me…you truly saved me at the worst time in my life…

a former client

Most Recent Blog Post

Emotional Freedom Technique: Dealing with Anxiety

Emotional Freedom Technique: Dealing with Anxiety

So, I tried to explain the Emotional Freedom Technique on a recent podcast (Fear Soup), but it’s really a very visual thing.  So, I decided to get visual for ya!  If you are struggling with anxiety during your fertility struggle, try EFT for solid, quick relief.  It’s strange how well this works!

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Most Recent Podcast Episode

MHFP 034: Goddess Mama Fertility Yoga

MHFP 034: Goddess Mama Fertility Yoga

Today I get to speak with Susan Singer at Goddess Mama Fertility Yoga about her personal fertility journey and how she uses yoga to guide her mind, body, and spirit toward motherhood.  She also shares about her work with her clients, the top 3 things peeps should know about yoga, and a ton more.  I could literally talk with Susan forever about everything that yoga is.  And trust me, it’s so much more than moving your body.  

Think about it.  When you begin to truly live from a place of peace, your body responds in kind.  And only when you quiet down the noise going on around and inside you will you get in touch with who you really are.  

Now, I should note the process of quieting down sometimes offers you a glimpse of things you don’t want to see about yourself. This episode is all about how to move forward with finding some peace in your life.

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