What is Non-Therapeutic Fertility Coaching?

When infertility becomes a part of our lives the results can be emotionally devastating and can take over everything we used to be in our lives.  All aspects of life become consumed by trying to conceive, and suddenly we are one big ball of stress and worry.

Fertility coaching is a clear, concise, goal-oriented way of getting your life back and moving toward optimal fertility.


It is different from counseling in that it focuses on your strengths and abilities to move forward rather than the psychopathology focus inherent in therapy (AKA: What you’ve got going for you rather than what is “wrong” with you). Both approaches are wonderful and useful.

This coaching program is not a substitute for psychotherapy.  The focus is on growth rather than healing, though many times healing is inherent in fine-tuning what is working.  For clarity on determining what is a good fit for you, please see this great Coaching vs. Therapy article.

Coaching is different from therapy in that sessions are short-term, solution-focused, hour long meetings to process goals and the movement toward those goals since the last session.  Also – very different from therapy – coaches usually encourage clients to text and/or email in between sessions regularly for questions, a recharge on motivation, or to celebrate wins.  There is no extra charge for this.

The ultimate goal is different in coaching, since the focus is more on being better than you used to be, rather than achieving your former level of functioning.  I’ve seen this kind of growth happen many times over in people struggling to build their families.  It’s truly miraculous!

Four Focuses in Fertility Coaching


In brief, here is the focus of my Fertility Coaching program.  It is a four-pronged approach to healing, which I believe will move you close to your ultimate end goal: A beautiful baby.  The daily practices include the following for optimal fertility health:


Focus on diet, exercise, improving your environment, and overall physical wellness



Focus on building upon relationships that may have suffered due to family-building struggles, setting appropriate boundaries and limits, etc.


Focus on utilizing positive, calm thoughts, creating emotional outlets, self-care, etc.


Focus on spiritual health, finding meaning in the struggle, and more (Religion is just fine; however, one need not be religious for spiritual well-being. We’ll talk more about that!).

“So how do I know when I’m done with coaching?”


When you’ve achieved your goals.  It’s that simple.  If your goal is to be able to get out of bed in the morning, and you’ve accomplished that, you’re done.  If you’re goal is to improve certain hormones, feel more emotionally stable, get more connected to your spouse, or reduce infertility’s hostile take-over of your life, then you can achieve that through this program (and that’s only a few things I’ve seen people do!).

I generally see people move toward these goals significantly between three and six sessions (some only need one, some want more).  Once you have some of these tools in your back pocket, you’ll be able to use them over and over

I’m delighted you have given yourself (or are considering) the gift of your own empowerment in this process.  You already have within you the ability to move forward with grace and ease, and this program is designed to help you discover and implement this ability.


All sessions are completed online, making this program super convenient, to boot!  What’s to lose?

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